Alice Virginia, Six Weeks Old


Alice is six weeks old today! It’s been such a privilege and a joy to get acquainted with her the past month and a half. Just in the past week she’s grown by leaps and bounds and has become more and more interested in the world around her. Instead of snoozing through our walks she’s been craning her neck and watching the world go by, and she spends more daytime hours awake and quietly observing her surroundings. She graces us with the occasional smile and listens when we talk to her.


She’s moved into 0-3 month sized clothes in the past week and her newborn clothes have been moved out of her drawer to make room for her new wardrobe. What fun to be a baby and get a fresh set of outfits every couple of months!


Alice has had some fussy moments (and days) but her hardest time seems to be in the evenings, starting just about when Philip and I sit down for dinner. Once she’s over the evening fussies, however, she’s a good little sleeper. We have moved her into her very own room and into her very own crib this week. She’s only been waking twice a night for a snack and falls asleep easily afterwards. I’m enjoying having her in the other room, since I no longer wake up every time she stirs.


Alice at six weeks enjoys being outside and likes walks. As long as she’s put in it while happy she enjoys her swing, and she also likes staring at lights and high-contrast patterns. She’s still quite fond of Preston the stuffed dog. She is not so fond of being placed on her tummy, even though she’s pretty good at lifting her head up. All in all, she’s a sweetheart and we’re crazy about her.


In addition to being Alice’s six-week birthday, today is also our three-year anniversary! Usually we replicate our wedding meal in celebration, but this year we went out for bagels at breakfast, and for dinner we’re ordering pizza. I am, of course, still going to make a carrot cake. It’s a good day, and it’s been a wonderful three years!


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