Weekly Update- October 8


I estimate that I have about 20 minutes before Alice wakes up, so this update is going to be short and sweet. So…the week in pictures:

I spent lots of time encouraging Alice to like being in her carriers…I think we had some success.
It became quite chilly, but my coat is big enough for two.
Alice also spent time becoming acquainted with her crib. I think I’ll have to box up her newborn clothes soon (sniff!) and the bassinet is getting a little small too…
We read nursery rhymes and drank lots of tea.
Alice went to college! Here she can be seen yawning in class.
I managed to do a tiny bit of sewing.
Alice took kitchen sink baths.
We went on a lovely fall ramble with Charley, who found some water to swim in.
Alice wore lots of knitted outfits. She also started flashing the occasional smile, but I didn’t manage to catch any of them on camera. Maybe next week!

Another successful week! This afternoon we’re going to pick up a baby swing, which we are hoping will bring a little extra fun into Alice’s life and a little evening peace into ours, and then we’re going to come home, make some tuna casserole, and enjoy another cozy evening at home.

2 thoughts on “Weekly Update- October 8

  1. What great pictures! I am looking forward to seeing all of you soon. Thanks for keeping us updated.

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