Weekly Update- October 2


Happy October! The past few days have been downright chilly- it’s definitely fall. The past week or so we have conquered several challenges as a family. It’s funny the things that seem like a huge accomplishments to us when we manage to do them with a newborn.

#1. Our first family hike! Alice screamed the first half, but eventually fell asleep. Charley much appreciated the off-leash romping and found something dead and smelly to eat. I walked farther than I have in months, which felt good- and I also managed to step in something truly disgusting (my boots are still airing out on the porch).

Alice isn’t so sure about baby carriers, but she did fall asleep after a while.
The woods were lovely.

#2. Our first family breakfast out! I love eating out for breakfast, so it’s nice that we managed to get over this hurdle. Alice was unwilling to sit nicely in her carseat, but I am getting really good at eating one-handed.

#3. Our first family trip to church! Much to our delight, Alice seemed to like the music and was reasonably quiet. She and I sat in the nursery during the sermon, but otherwise I was able to actually participate. Alice was a hit during coffee hour.

#4. I managed to do some sewing! I was getting a little concerned that I might not have time for being creative until Alice goes to kindergarten, but this past weekend I dragged out the sewing machine and made some little bloomers while she was napping. It was so much fun that I then started working on a project for myself, too.

It’s so nice to finally have a use for all the tiny bits of fabric I’ve been saving…
A little naptime fall wardrobe planning.

#5. Alice’s one-month appointment, complete with hepatitis shot! This was actually not a big deal. She really didn’t seem more upset by the shot than she does when she has to wait for an extra minute for her dinner.

So! Quite the week. Here are a few more photos…

Alice is becoming more and more interested in the world around her. She is particularly taken with Preston, who she likes to bat at and knock over.
Charley just happened to find one of my socks under the table, and it just happened to have a giant new hole in it. He was pretty sure he had nothing to do with it.
So cute!

October is starting off well. I’ve already gotten out the sweaters and made pumpkin muffins, so I am all set to fully embrace my favorite season!

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