Weekly Update- September 23rd


It’s been another quiet week here at Bellrose Cottage. Aside from going on walks, for the most part I’m still staying home and spending much of my time snuggling with Alice. I can usually rely on one good 3-hour midday nap from her, and I find that I can be pretty efficient about chores when I need to be and then still have time to take a nap myself or knit a few rows. She’ll only sleep that long if I put her in her little bassinet upstairs, so I run up and down the stairs much more often than necessary to make sure she’s breathing and to check in on how cute she looks.

This week we took a trip to the grocery store and I realized how much harder it is to go to the grocery store with a baby in tow. My goodness. We also managed to lock ourselves out of the house for the first time, and Alice sat very nicely in her carseat on the grass and watch me climb up the ladder and squeeze through the window.

On Saturday Philip and I took Alice to her first-ever dinner party, which I admit I was looking forward to with a bit of trepidation. I shouldn’t have worried, because apparently Alice likes dinner parties- she was remarkably cheerful the whole time and enjoyed being the center of attention. She was able to further bask in the spotlight the rest of the weekend since her grandparents were here from Oklahoma to meet her. It was wonderful having them visit and see the new house and baby. As lovely as it is to spend all day holding a baby, it was nice for us to have a few extra hands around to help with that. They left us with casserole in the fridge and chocolate cake, so they are welcome back any time.

It’s hard to believe that Alice is three weeks old! As of yesterday she was nearly 8 pounds and has grown an inch and a half. She has her happy, contented days and her not-so-happy days, but she’s really a very good baby- we definitely got lucky.

A few photos:

She only made it through the first chapter before falling asleep.
Flowering like crazy!
She doesn’t like to let me finish my meals, but it’s hard to mind too much.
Alice likes to tell us all about how difficult her life is. It’s so hard being a baby.
Alice is very excited about these fall temperatures, since it means she gets to dig out the flannel and the booties from her closet.
My sweet family.

Enjoy the last week of September!

2 thoughts on “Weekly Update- September 23rd

  1. I want that flannel dress! and How Anne of you to have to climb through a window with Baby on the lawn! Kinda perfect imagery there.

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