Weekly Update- September 16th


Little Alice is two weeks old already! She’s generally a very happy little baby, and I’m a happy Mama, because I have a little girl to dress in antique bonnets. Dreams do come true!

Aside from one sad day where Alice screamed the entire time, we’ve had a lovely week. The weather has cooled off and the leaves are threatening to change color. I even left the house a couple times, which was exciting. On Sunday we took a drive north of town, and yesterday we went to the library and out to a deli for sandwiches. Alice snoozed through the sandwiches, but did have to be reminded to use her inside voice while at the library.  Alice and I have walked Philip up the hill to school a couple days now, and she seems to like being toted about in her baby carrier (or baby holster, as Philip has taken to calling it) after the first five minutes or so. Charley has, much to his chagrin, been left behind on these walks to school, but I don’t think my baby-carrying technique is advanced enough yet to also take on walking a rambunctious pup who tries to chase every cat and eat every disgusting tidbit he sees. Sorry Charley.

I have been remarkably unproductive and consider it a good day if I manage to take a shower, and a banner day if I squeeze in a load of laundry and water the flowers. Alice doesn’t seem to like napping during the day much, and also likes being held constantly. For the most part, this is fine with me- after all, she’s only going to be a baby for a little while (sniff!). During some stolen moments I have managed to make a pot of soup and loaf of zucchini bread, however, and have even written a few thank-you notes for some of the lovely gifts we’ve gotten in the mail. Mostly, though, I’ve been sitting on the couch with Alice, either gazing at her sweet little face or reading books, or bouncing her around the house singing along to our favorite records. Alice has really been liking Joni Mitchell.

I re-read The Story Girl this past week, and it has me even more determined to plant an apple tree in our front yard next spring. It’s not an orchard, but it will do. I also just finished reading (appropriately enough) Call the Midwife, the memoir that served as the inspiration for the PBS series. It’s an absolutely wonderful and fascinating read, and it’s almost hard to believe that the stories are true. What should I read next? It can’t be anything too new or popular or I’ll have to wait forever for it at the library.

A few photo highlights (i.e. more photos of the baby)…

One could certainly spend their days in worse ways!
Post-ride. Pre-ride Alice would not be so sedate.
Pretend not to notice the mess in the background and take a look at the charming little fall ensemble Alice is sporting!
My bread recipe only required about a fourth of this massive zucchini, by the way.
What Alice was up to while I was baking…
We’ve had a request for a picture of Alice with her eyes open, so here we go…

The Oklahoma grandparents are coming to visit this weekend and we’re also taking Alice to her very first dinner party, so the week ahead looks to be an exciting one!

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