Cables and Bobbles


Still no baby, friends, still no baby. But I made a nice hat! Last fall I began this pattern March Beret but ended up frogging it when it came out the size of a poncho. Determined not to let my $5 go to waste, I gave it another try, this time omitting an entire 26-stitch pattern repeat. That fixed the diameter, but I also had to revise the pattern halfway through to omit 12 rows in the middle when I tried it on and realized it would have fit a full head of dreads or served as an excellent tea cozy.


After all the alterations, I was happy with the result: sufficiently slouchy without being cartoonish. It then asked for a pom pom, and I obliged.


Overall, I can’t say that I recommend this pattern- although I do like my final result.

So, baby Gipson, if you were waiting for me to finish my project, you may now arrive at any time.

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