Icelandic Pullover


Today I finished the final touches on my Icelandic sweater. I began this sweater way back in November, but only worked on it for a couple weeks before I put it aside and neglected it until the end of July. It was a breeze to knit and I’m delighted with the result.

I rarely buy the yarn called for by a pattern, but for this sweater I splurged and ordered the genuine Lett-Lopi yarn from Iceland. It’s so unlike any yarn I could have found here- it’s got a fuzzy, hairy quality I think looks beautiful. I also usually stay away from patterns with oodles of colors that I know I’ll have lots of leftovers of, but I just love the colors in this sweater and I’m glad I didn’t cut corners. Believe it or not, each ball of this yarn is less than $2.50, so even after shipping from Iceland it’s quite economical.


The pattern, called “Afmaeli” is a free pattern I found online here, and on the whole I was pleased with it. The color work portion doesn’t match up perfectly in all of the sizes, and I did come out short of the natural color and have to do the collar in the black yarn, but that may have been my own fault since I used a tubular cast-on along the bottom edge, which uses more yarn than a standard cast-on.


This is going to be a very toasty sweater, but since it looks ridiculous on a nine-month pregnant lady anyway, I don’t mind putting it away for a couple months until autumn rolls around.

Oh, and just for fun….look how pretty it is inside out too!


Well, now I’m off to plan my next knitting adventure!

4 thoughts on “Icelandic Pullover

  1. This is a fantastic sweater! Lopi yarn is gorgeous to knit with and a treat to wear. I love your choice of colours.

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