The Nursery


And welcome, friends, to a brief tour of the nursery.



Despite having no intention of having a “theme,” and not having bought anything except for the crib, I think we have a fairly coherent looking little nursery set up!

My baby shoes, Philip’s baby mug…
Basket of rattles and toys, a small rocking chair for later, and a cheerful handwoven rug…
A teddy bear made by Nana, a little watercolor brought back from Italy by a friend…
and freshly washed and folded nappies, waiting in the basket my mother re-lined for us.

And in a few short weeks, the room will no doubt be vastly improved by its new little inhabitant.

4 thoughts on “The Nursery

  1. Margaret,thank you for letting me take a peek into your lovely nursery. I think of you often with much affection. I am so excited for your new adventures in Courtland. Ain’t Susan

  2. Hi Margaret! Nana told me about your new blog- it’s so great to see what you’re up to, it’s all so beautiful. Good luck to you with the new baby coming soon, I can’t wait to see your next posts! Much love, Grace

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